Why should you (or shouldn’t you) hire a washroom service.

Something very important for any business is to have bathrooms as hygienic as possible, to make sure that the people who use them don’t have any issue while doing it. While you might be able to hire a few people that can take care of your bathroom on their own, or maybe even use employees to do it. However, a way to take that responsibility out of your hands and making sure that everything is done properly.

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a washroom service On the good side

A washroom system doesn’t need you to worry about anything other than delivering your payment A service doesn’t need you to provide them with any extra tools they need to perform all their tasks You won’t have to worry about replacing the soap, the paper towels, the toilet paper, all of that will be taken care of by the company. They can recommend you anything you might need to upgrade your bathroom Everything will be thoroughly and properly cleaned because they tend to use industrial strength cleaners Cleaning services have a significant amount of people working for them, so more than one person will be working on your bathroom, doing different tasks. So cleaning will be done faster, and issues in your bathroom (like broken things) will be easier to spot

On the bad side

It is definitely a significant extra expense. Especially on a restaurant or a bar, you can get another employee to do the job and don’t have to pay him extra for it. Also, a washroom that isn’t as professional or as good can deeply hurt your business. First, if the restroom is for clients then a badly managed cleaning can mean bad reviews, and you do not want bad bathroom reviews. Also, if the restroom is for employees you can get serious complaints and might even have a health department bugging you on it.